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April 25, 2018
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Updated: Apr. 25 (08:03)

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Becoming a Member
Posted On: Aug 16, 2013

Becoming a Member:

1. Interview: This is the first step of the “Application for Membership” process. Here we require each applicant to provide us with an updated resume, which includes his or her work history within the pipe trades, and personal information. If you have five years of verified experience in Plumbing, Pipefitting, HVAC & R, or Welding contact Bob Patterson 801-972-3053.

Each applicant is required to show a minimum of five (5) years verifiable experience in the pipe trades, a current Journeymen License, a Drivers License or Picture I.D., a Security card, or a receipt showing they have applied for a new one, and all certificates of training pertaining to our trade .

After meeting all of the requirements, we will explain the breakdown of the initiation fees (i.e. deposit of three (3) months dues, establishment in the Death Benefit fund, cost of U.A processing, etc.) and go through an in-depth explanation of the Wage and Benefit package, including, the hourly rate of pay, the Working Assessment, and the contribution to the Market Recovery program. We will then discuss the monthly obligation fees, such as, monthly dues and Death Benefit contributions and the Fringe Benefit Package. We will also explain the basic and important parts of each plan such as, Health and Welfare (deductibles, co-pays, eligibility, maximum benefits, etc.), retirement plans (vestment periods), and training, which is available to everyone all at no cost to the individual. If the applicant shows an interest in our program, we will have them fill out all the necessary paperwork as if they were signing up right then and there. Once the basic presentation is over and we have answered any questions the applicant may have, we will ask them to think about it and talk it over with their spouse and/or family, explaining to them that we want this to become a career change not just a job change. Once their decision is made, they will pay all the applicable fees and their names will be placed on the appropriate out-of-work list. Some applicants just do not qualify or may change their mind. In either case, as long as the applicant has not worked on the job for thirty (30) days or more, regardless of the number of employers, their application fees are refunded (less any applicable test fees paid if the evaluation test has been taken).

2. Evaluation Test: This test is designed to indicate applicant's general knowledge of the trade. A 70% score is required to pass.

3. Employer Evaluation: This is the step we feel is the most important part of the whole process! When an applicant is referred out to a contractor, they will be graded on a point system of 1 to 5. Number 1 being poor and number 5 being excellent. They are graded on a variety of subjects such as:

Legend: 5-Excellent / 4-Very Good / 3-Average / 2-Needs Improvement / 1-Poor
Employee dependable
Pride in work
Employee on time
Works alone
Knowledgeable in trade
Leadership abilities
Shows initiative
Works well with others
The immediate Supervisor and co-worker on the job will fill out the evaluation report and send it back, usually within 30 to 45 days.

4. Executive Board Orientation: After an applicant has passed the evaluation test, the employer/co-worker evaluation, paid required fees, he or she is required to attend a Unionism orientation. There we will explain what is expected from each and every one of them. Everyone is given copies of our Local Union's By-Laws, a copy of the Labor Agreement and the UA Constitution. Highlighted sections of these documents are explained in detail. A question and answer session will follow, along with a tour of the Training Facility. By the time an applicant leaves the orientation, he or she should have a good idea of what being a member of the United Association of Plumbers and Pipe Fitters is all about!!

5. Swearing In Ceremony : After an average of 45 to 60 days on the job, passing the evaluation test, receiving a satisfactory employer/co-worker evaluation, and going through the Executive Board's Orientation, the applicant is ready to be sworn in! At the beginning of the regular union meeting each month, all the qualified applicants are brought to the front of the podium. The Vice President of Local 140 proceeds to administer the Oath of Obligation. Each new member then introduces himself or herself to the officers and body of Local Union 140.  

UA Local 140
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